Growth Groups

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we are convinced it’s important to travel with others. That’s why Growth Groups are the key component to our discipleship ministry. Our goal is that group members grow in their relationship with God and each other! They also serve the community in which they live. That’s what Growth Groups are all about.

Growth Groups are groups of 8-16 people that meet in homes around Chatham-Kent. They typically meet from September to June, there are 3 10 week sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) and break for the summer months.

Two new Groups are starting in the Winter of 2021. Living Grace is a support group encouraging and teaching people, facing mental health issues, that they are not alone through the ups and downs in life. They will learn to lean on our loving, peaceful and gracious God, and learn new truths about their identity in Christ. Family Grace is a support group with practical, Christ centered guidance for families walking the mental health journey with a loved one. These groups will meet every other Monday night (online or in-person TBA).

If you are interested in being a part of a Growth Group please click the button below or call the church office for more information @ (519) 351-2112.

Family Grace Group
Living Grace Group

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